This site is maintained by Joe, a part time Forex Trader from the the UK…


Created By Joe (Editor in Chief)

➡️ Left University to promote software online.

➡️ Approached by several companies to help with  e-commerce.

➡️ Developed SEO strategies which proved highly profitable.

➡️ Created company to manage campaigns etc.

➡️ Discovered financial trading, opened demo account and did well.

➡️ Opened live account, started trading with £500.


Don’t worry, I’m not another douchebag trying to make money.

Forex has been a supplement my income. Whether it helps you is entirely your call.

I created this site in early 2017 after getting burned by several binary options signals.

I have £2.5k in my live account & my main profession is building e-commerce cash flow for retail businesses.

Whilst Forex can be rewarding, you need to be committed. I created this site to track my own trading performance, and provide recommendations on educational resources.

If you want to get started in Forex, it’s STRONGLY recommended you have at least £1,000 to trade. You profit on transactions, not capital. You need money to transact.

I mostly trade commodities like Crude Oil (WTI) and Gold, but I do trade currency pairs such as GBP/USD, USD/JPY, EUR/USD

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A couple of years ago I had 1 source of income and was scrimping on everything.

I knew I wanted to make more money, so I started looking at various ways I could increase my revenue streams. That’s when I discovered the world of trading.

I was naive and overwhelmed by the enormous amounts of information out there. I’m not ashamed to say that I fell for the scams and heavily marketed ‘trader lifestyle’ – fancy cars, flash watches and huge million pound mansions. You’ll know what I mean because they seem to do a lot preaching & teaching but don’t really show any results to back it up. One word “SCAM!

The key with Forex Trading is understanding

📊 Forex Is One Of The Most PROFITABLE Asset Classes

Foreign Exchange is the purchase and sale of currencies.

Forex trading is buying currencies at a low price and selling them at a higher price. The more frequently and voraciously you do this, the more profit you could make in the long run

The profit is on the transaction (NOT principle)…

  • If you transact $50,000 (and make 1.5% profit), you’ve made $750.
  • If you transact $25,000 (and make 1.5% profit), you’ve made $375.
  • If you transact $10,000 (and make 1.5% profit), you’ve made $150.
  • If you transact $5,000 (and make 1.5% profit), you’ve made $75.

It’s all a numbers game.

Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise.

You cannot make money without having investment principle to begin with. This should help you avoid 90% of scams.

Why Forex?

One of the reason why Forex is so popular is the SCALE of the market.

With over $5 trillion exchanged daily, there are millions of opportunities for retail investors to take profitable positions.

You need to understand where YOU fit in.

You’re NOT trying to “play” the market, compete with large institutions (banks/governments) or other forex traders.

The absolute core of successful trading is to ride the waves of the market, which generally means tracking your own data & taking your own positions.

Trading forex is easy… go to your local travel agent and buy another currency.

Making a PROFIT is the tricky part...

Profiting from Forex comes from selling a currency for more than you bought it for.

Whilst I can’t show you how to do this specifically (I’m not a financial adviser), there are certain things to look for in the market & charts.

These are known as indicators (general) or signals (forex)…

🚩 Signals, Indicators & Systems 🚩

Being able to read the charts & markets is the most important skill in any form of trading…

In forex, the use of candlesticks can accurately represent price movement for that particular hour, day, week, month to track changes in the market.

By tracking pricing of a currency via a candlestick chart, you are able to perceive its price in real time.

To determine how to do this, indicators are overlaid to give context. The most common indicator you’ll find is what’s known as an MA or Moving Average, and this is basically a trend-following indicator because it uses past data. It shows the average of a security over a defined period of time. Unfortunately, there are too many indicators to list, but they can be used to make informed decisions at specific times whether to enter a trade or whether to stay out and preserve capital.

⛔️ Buyer Beware ⛔️
Before proceeding, I need to explain the onus is on you to conduct research and make your own decisions.

🆘 "Trading forex" is not going to make you rich.
🆘 "Trading stocks" is not going to make you rich.

Trading forex or stocks alone won't make you wealthy, it should be used in conjunction with another income. If you feel it's your destiny to trade professionally, remember this...

99.9% of traders use other people's money.

They either work for a bank or some other institution. They don't risk their own life savings, but take orders from others and execute them on the market.

⚠ Disclaimer ⚠

It's ALL a numbers game.

Don't fall for scams which promise money for nothing.

If you can make $5,000 'overnight', think about how much you need to risk to make that profit.

Money doesn't come from nowhere. Someone has to lose for you to win.

Currency trading works by you purchasing different currencies, pocketing a profit when you sell them back for a higher conversion ratio. There's no magic bullet or hidden secret.

To discern whether a product is a scam, think about how much money you need to personally risk in order to make the promised returns.

If the answer is more than you're comfortably willing to lose, it won't work for you.